How Important Is Your Facial Appointment Before The Holidays?

How Important Is Your Facial Appointment Before The Holidays?


Holiday season is just around the corner. This is the time when we get busy with parties, family events, shopping and other things that go along with the holidays. It’s a busy time and along with that comes stress. As you know, stress is not good for the body, and it’s especially not beneficial for the skin.

As the season is approaching I have been noticing that some of my customers are canceling appointments because they feel like they can’t afford a facial since the holidays are approaching.

Well, the truth is…this is the time you should be caring for your skin even more!!

You have parties and family events to attend and you want your skin to glow, since you will see people you haven’t seen in a while. I am pretty sure you don’t want them to think…”Oh gosh, she has aged since the last time I saw her”. Along with the holidays, there comes the fact that our diet doesn’t stay consistent or healthy. We tend to consume more adult beverages than usual, we eating more sweets, and drinking water goes out of the window. All of these factors create problems for the body, and since the skin is the largest organ, it is affected the most.

Please think about those things before you make a decision and cancel your monthly appointment. Skin is not like hair where you can see the roots and you have to have them colored, nor it is like nails!! Skin damage creeps up on us slowly. You can’t tell your skin is unhealthy and that it needs attention until it is really badly damaged and dehydrated with no glow and you feel like you need help. When you get to that point, you’ve gone way too far.

Always remember that prevention is easier and cheaper than correction. For a monthly facial, you spend less than your monthly cost of coffee at Starbucks every morning.

Be smart, be wise, make good choices for your body and your skin!

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